October 14, 2018

Take a Break Ya Dingus!

Control + C

Some of the ways I take a break include:

  • Take a nap 😴
  • Start/stop reading Reddit
  • Start/stop reading Quora
  • Play some Call of Duty on the ol’ XBox One 🔫
  • Make a coffee–avoid energy drinks, part of the benefit of a coffee is the ritual of preparing it. I’ve found that cracking open a Red Bull/Monster energy drink and ingesting large amounts of artificial sweeteners generally doesn’t do much for me, while a black cup o’ joe does wonders.
  • Drink some water (will have the added benefit of sending you to the bathroom in 1-2 hours for a bonus break)
  • Do some heavy weightlifting. I’ve found that stressing my body’s central nervous system makes me sleep better and focus for longer periods of time
  • Socialize, you dingus!

Can’t be productive at all times 😉