The Zero-Indexed Stock Market

The major pop finance websites (Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, The Motley Fool) purposefully lie to you.

What’s their lie?

They lie by using this chart:

Non-zero-indexed S&P 500 returns

Instead of this chart:

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Software engineer? Start a podcast.


What should a software engineer do to maximize their career from a position of being in a full-time role?

  • Study for whiteboarding interviews?
  • Brush up the Github profile with make-work?
  • Start a blog to quietly publicize your achievements in your full-time role?
  • Cynically job hop every 2 years?

I’d suggest an alternative (or an additional option):

Invest in your personal network, showcase your personal brand and practice your storytelling skills by…

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Tales from the L at 1AM

For a 1-year window of time in Chicago, I commuted from my apartment in Wrigleyville to the downtown Loop at midnight via Chicago Transit Authority metro (AKA “the L”).

I’d ride home at noon once my shift was over and the sun had risen to its apex.

Here are a few tales from my bizarre Chicago public transit experiences.

Midnight on the L

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How to Survive the Graveyard Shift

So you have a job that pays you to come to the office outside of 9-5.

May god have mercy on your soul, your bodily health, and your sanity!

I’ve been there–heed my advice:

Tired Max Mautner

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Making Markets, Pawn Shops, and Farmer Joe

My first full-time job out of college was at a small (<100 employee) Chicago finance firm.

It was crazy.

Crazy Mang

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The Declaration of Independence

The 4th of July is the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence–a document adopted by the Continental Congress to declare political independence from the British Empire.

I have a murky awareness of the series of events and the group of individuals who began (and finished) the Revolutionary War.

American schools tend to focus on specific events to avoid the murkiness, including the authoring and signing of the Declaration of Independence.


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Querying Access Logs on AWS

My favorite type of webapp is a static one.

Here are a few reasons:

  • Your costs are your domain name + file-hosting, and maybe a CDN (which for most sites amounts to pennies a month),
  • Your site up-time is hard to beat,
  • and ultimately, your analytics is easy.

“How easy, Max?”

Very easy, I’ll show you how!

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Entry-Level Software Engineering Q & A

A close friend of mine who has no background in software engineering recently asked me a series of rapid-fire questions about how to get a foothold in a software engineering career.

Here’s their questions and my answers:

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