Querying Access Logs on AWS

My favorite type of webapp is a static one.

Here are a few reasons:

  • Your costs are your domain name + file-hosting, and maybe a CDN (which for most sites amounts to pennies a month),
  • Your site up-time is hard to beat,
  • and ultimately, your analytics is easy.

“How easy, Max?”

Very easy, I’ll show you how!

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Entry-Level Software Engineering Q & A

A close friend of mine who has no background in software engineering recently asked me a series of rapid-fire questions about how to get a foothold in a software engineering career.

Here’s their questions and my answers:

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Some more iPad weightlifting sketches

Like last time, some more sketches of my weightlifting teammates:

Jo and Jessie


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Creating a Static Website on Google Cloud (with SSL, Access Logging)


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Weightlifting sketches

I am loving the iPad Pro + ProCreate app.

Here are some of my gym mates:



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What are the primary motivations to use Docker for local software development?

Reproducibility. Much of humanity’s problems with software comes down to reproducibility.

"It worked on my laptop" Syndrome

For example, let’s say a customer of yours encounters a bug when using your software. In order to fix the bug you’ll need to identify how to reproduce it so you can verify that a fix you come up with makes the bug no longer reproducible. That is inherently what solving a bug means!

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Static Site Hosting on AWS

Exciting times on the Internet–costs of hosting are as low as every yet people find ways to spend more money than ever on hosting.

I myself host maxmautner.com on AWS with a simple combination of their services for <$0.10/month.

Here’s how it works:

Static Site Hosting on AWS drawing

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The Net Present Value of Content

In order to reflect on the value of content (audio, video, images, text), we’ll take a short tutorial in how to estimate the value of a business.

Too impatient? Jump to estimating the value of content.

The Value of a Business

The concept of “net-present value” is at the center of global finance.

Imagine that you have a business that makes these revenues over 4 years:

Year Revenue Years in Business
2017 $100 0
2018 $200 1
2019 $100 2
2020 $0 3

Chart of Revenue

Why no more revenues in 2020? Let’s say we go out of business in the 4th year :)

All businesses’ revenues eventually go to zero as markets trend towards perfect competition over time.

If I asked you how much our company is worth you might say “this is easy: $100 + $200 + $100 = $400–our business should be worth $400!”

It’s not that simple :)

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