Notes on remote work

I was recently surveyed by my workplace on my perception of working remotely since the state of California implemented a stay-at-home order and our office began working full-time from home.

I thought deeply about my responses to the survey, and wanted to shared them publicly:

Please list a few positive things about working remotely.

Please list a few challenges you encounter working remotely.

What do you currently miss most about working in the office?

Briefly explain how and why your productivity has been affected.

I witness fewer & less context-rich instances of what the business values in working remote.

Knowing what the business, management, and customers’ value is harder to discern remotely.

Are there any tools that you feel are missing at <employer>? Please be specific and list their names.

Assistance with home internet connectivity–if I don’t have internet-connectivity I cannot do my job.

If you want people working from home, help them (and pay for) setting up a reliable home internet.

The WFH bus

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