Legion of Honor

This Saturday I visited San Francisco for lunch and a visit to the Legion of Honor art museum.

Before traveling to the distant northwest side of the city we ate lunch at B Star, on Clement Street in the inner richmond.

I had vegetarian garlic noodles, it was good:

B Star - vegetarian garlic noodles

We were surprised to learn that it was a free admissions day.

The special exhibit was “Sargent & Spain”–a collection of illustrations and paintings by a guy in Spain 1856-1925.

Some very nice looking contrasts:

Spanish woman portrait by John Sargent

And some comical staredowns:

Art gallery staredown between old man and painting of young man

Beyond Sargent, the main gallery has cool stuff.

Some Rodin sculptures (who made the thinker):

A trio of sculpted men pointing down

Some busts:

A curly-haired Italian aristocrat sculpted bust

Some Italian-looking sculpted bust

The lighting in these museums is fantastic–I wish I could shadow/follow whoever sets up the lights for these museums:

Pretty lighting in the Legion of Honor museum

Really trippy demonic carving:

Demonic wood carving

Outside the museum is a statue of Joan of Arc, with some ominous San Francisco fog (and a golf course in the background.

As you step closer it gets more epic:

Joan of Arc Joan of Arc

Here is the group that visited the museum together:

Group outside Legion of Honor

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