The Moral Imperative for Bike Lanes

What parents need now more than ever is the ability to set their kids free and have them be safe.

Bike lanes are a solution.

They make life easier, healthier and more fun for parents, kids and seniors.

While it builds our kids’ resilience and independence, it also saves lives.

Walking and biking myself around I see loads of bikes parked in the alleys of restaurants–our community’s wageworkers cannot afford the cost of being a victim of traffic violence.

Bike lanes also save families a jaw-dropping amount of money.

The annual cost of car ownership now exceeds $10,000 per year.

Enabling households to drop one of their cars is a massive windfall for our community–and those savings go directly to helping residents avoid displacement and stay in their homes!

The benefits of bike lanes are both quantifiable & unquantifiable.

They are quantifiable as more households build wealth by opting for fewer cars–reducing traffic & competitive street parking.

And they are unquantifiable: a next generation who are independent, resilient and responsible–prepared to participate in our community fully without needing to be 16 years old or have $10,000.

Bike lanes

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