Improving Audio

I have spent a lot of time on video-conferencing calls these past 12 months.

I am generally aware of how lo-fidelity communication over Google Meet/Zoom/etc is.

As a result, I’ve found entertainment in trying to improve the fidelity of my communication with coworkers.

I conducted a simple test comparing 3 different microphones:

built-in mic on Macbook

2019 Macbook Pro

iPhone earpods

iPhone earpods

Zoom H4N Pro

Zoom H4N Pro

I used these instructions from YouTube on how to connect the Zoom H4N as an external microphone on my Macbook.

Zoom H4N Pro can be picked up on B&H Photo for ~$220 USD.


I think it’s undebatable: the Zoom sounds better hands-down.

However, this is recorded locally on my computer–not as it sounds to someone on the other end of a Google Meet/Zoom/Skype/etc.

A more authentic test would capture the audio as it sounds over the wire–apologies that I did not do that!

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