Pay remote workers a premium

Several arguments for why remote employees should be paid more than their in-office counterparts:

1. The same perks of being in the office are not there

There’s no snacks, no cleaners, no free internet.

No catered lunches (a pre-tax benefit), no furniture, no building maintenance.

2. You work harder and longer

There’s no time spent commuting, you are reached out to on Slack/receive that email.

With a commute, you go offline. You can take a break and your mind can wander.

More hours a day should mean more compensation.

3. Work/life merge

With a salary, there is no common standard for when you are expected to respond to inquiries.

4. Cost to company per remote person is significantly lower

Those savings can and should be passed on to remote employees, as those expenses are shifted directly onto them.

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