Screenshare iOS to Zoom, Meet

I produced a short video on how to share your iPhone (or iPad) screen with people you meet on Google Meet or Zoom:

This technique came in handy when I attended a 1-on-1 photo lesson with Seb Furtado, where we both reviewed my usage of Lightroom mobile on my iPhone.

Hope it helps other folks–I continue to try and improve the production quality of these videos.

I think I am creating these “how to” videos because they are entirely on my own schedule and don’t require coordination with anyone else.

I would really rather do video production that involves a lot more of a social component (whether documentary or fiction, not sure)–hopefully I can exercise more of that post-COVID (which seems to be almost upon us!).

If you have any follow-up questions don’t hesitate to reach me on Twitter: @maxmautner.

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