Biking to Work

About a year ago I sold my car I had used for commuting and bought an e-bike for ~$1,000.

Where my drive to the bus stop previously took ~15 minutes, the e-bike ride took ~20 minutes–and was roughly the equivalent exercising of jogging for 2 miles.

This has been a huge help as I have lost ~15 pounds of bodyweight over the year since dropping driving a car.

I’ve since been intrigued by video production on bicycles–inspired in part by Terry Barentsen’s “Hotline” series in New York City.

I live in San Mateo, California though–a much less dense area of the world than Manhattan–so the situations I capture on video while biking are very different from Terry’s footage!

I’ve studied & have largely tried to mimic Terry’s video production rig, making a video about my bike video-recording setup & here is a photo of it:

H1n pro + GoPro Hero 8 Black with a Chesty mount

And here are the videos I’ve recorded of my bike commute for your enjoyment–both to and from:

The ride to work

The ride home from work


I don’t think these videos will help persuade other folks to commute to work by bike.

Let’s be real: the video (and thumbnails) do a great job of depicting just how terrifying it is to be passed by aggressive drivers in excessively large vehicles.

I do think that any video footage of bicycling helps normalizes it as a valid mode of transportation.

And that is all I aim to do–alive or dead.

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