My current curiosities

I’d rather save this list than forget it, and rather make it public than private:

1. Art

Public & private funded art

Why? Influencing what others think is critical to affecting the world in positive (or anti-negative) ways.

Pricing, modeling supply + demand, marketing, & auctions

Why? All art is financed in some way–whether under a formal capitalist system or not. If you want art then it must be paid resourced.

Tactics and strategy of content-creation, collaborative creation (e.g. Wikipedia)

Why? Because this is where the fun happens 😊

Situations that create captive audiences (i.e. airplane flights)

Why? These are precious moments in the lives of humans–there is so much un-met demand for good art in these situations.

2. Economics

Limits of capitalism, monopoly, monopsony, economies of scale

Why? The limits are where there is systemic risk–to subjugation/enslavement of humans or revolutionuray communism and the absolvement of property rights.

Risk-free profit (arbitrage)

Why? These profits free humanity to pursue art, empathy, & explore the universe of experiences

Tax law, optimization, & enforcement

Why? Wealth re-distribution is essential to supporting a sustainable, optimal civilization. Tax avoidance provides compounding rewards to unethical components of civilization.

Telecommuting, remote work [1], [2]

Why? I discussed this post-COVID here

Games of imperfect information, the evolution of cooperation

Why? They illustrate the framework underlying social and biological behavior.

3. Social

Self-control, addiction

Why? Studying these topics can better explain what behaviors (if any) are “free-will”

Team/group activities

Why? “If you want to move fast, go alone. If you want to move far, go together”

Costly-signalling, ritual behaviors

Why? Understanding what purpose they serve, how to identify them.

Measuring skill

Why? What role do they serve in hiring/vetting talent? How does this influence the labor pool/human behaviors?

4. Physiology/Biology

Performance-enhancing drugs, like nootropics, steroids (PEDs)

Why? They exist, there are ethical reasons to use them.

Gender, hormonal systems

Why? These are fundamental building blocks for a high-trust society.

Strength/endurance sports, weightlifting

Why? They are a lot of fun

5. Software

Methods of verifying software quality & risk reduction (of software failure)

Why? Software is essential to all human activity–to protect human welfare software must work as expected within certain error allowance.

Technical debt

Why? TBD

Drop me a line, I’m always curious to chat about people knowledgeable or also interested in these topics.

Max Mautner

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