October 19, 2020

Tech Interview Gauntlet

I recently reflected on a property shared in common by 2 of the most famous contemporary Americans:

  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Rogan

They have both hosted reality TV shows (The Apprentice & Fear Factor respectively).

So I thought, with vague ambitions of fame of my own, what reality show could I host?

This is the premise I dreamt up for such a reality show:


  • contestants battle for a job at a marquee tech employer

  • sponsored by {LeetCode,Interviewing.io,InterviewCake}

  • and/or sponsored by the software engineering employer

Episode Format

  • Intro the host
    • Social proof of some kind?
  • Explain the format
    • “You will be tasked with implementing a piece of software”
    • “You will be measured by the number of tests that start out failing but by implementing the software you make them pass”
    • “The person with the most passing tests at the end wins!”
  • Intro the contestants
    • For contestant in contestants:
      • Typing at keyboard
      • Crossed arms
      • Bottom third title text/motion graphics
      • “What attracted you to software engineering?”
  • Let’s get started! But before we do, let’s introduce our judges(?)/color commentators
    • for commentator in commentators:
      • “Sally is Engineering Manager at AirBnB where she leads the iOS team”
      • “Ben is Distinguished Engineer at Google, working on search engines”
      • “Harrison is Engineering Manager at Lyft, developing the ride-share algorithm”
  • Here is today’s prize:
    • 1x $150,000 salary job at Company X
    • [Or 1x $20,000 cash money?]
  • Today’s challenge, brought to you by {LeetCode, Interviewing.io, InterviewCake}
    • Your task will be to proceed through each of the coding problems and get the test passing
    • Code Golf? [Github]
  • Round 1 (elimination)
    • Review the results
  • Round 2 (1 on 1)
  • Announce the winner
    • Cut from winner celebrating with judges/color commentators
  • “Thanks for joining us on Tech Interview Gauntlet–see you next time!”


Still figuring that out in the midst of a global pandemic!

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