Chrome Productivity

I made a short tutorial on Chrome keyboard shortcuts on the Mac:

I used Screenflow to capture my desktop, which has some nice tools for highlighting elements of your screen it didn’t help me produce a truly great video.

I also used a Sony RX100 vi point-and-shoot camera to capture the video of myself, with some simple lighting around my desk setup.

It came out really nice–but realistically I don’t expect that higher “production quality” of the video drives long-term big traffic for videos like this.

After spending the 1.5 hours producing this video I immediately regret not doing a better introduction.

Explaining a summary up front of “what you’ll learn” would probably perform better (from a retention/dropoff perspective).

I don’t really intend to promote this video, just offering it up to be indexed by the great Google/YouTube Search algorithm in the sky as a sacrifice to learn about video production.

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