Netflix DVD automation vids

I was reading about Netflix’s Qwikster disaster of 2011, and came across this apology video:

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Apologizes for Mishandling the Change to Qwikster

In it Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sits alongside the newly-annointed Qwikster CEO Andy Rendich to apologize to customers for mis-telegraphing the planned split of DVD-mailing and online streaming subscription products.

I was curious–what happened to Andy Rendich after this episode in history?

Around this time, Andy and the Netflix DVD business enlisted an engineering contractor for automating their physical DVD mailing operations:

While Andy’s no longer with Netflix, these videos are a fascinating glimpse into a high-scale automated physical operation.

Here’s a kicker: SNL’s comedy sketch, re-enacting the Qwikster apology

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