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30 Days to Backend Software Engineer

For some reason, you have decided to become a software engineer--specifically starting with backend technologies.

You’ve used software before, but you’ve never created software before.

Great choice!

This guide provides a roadmap for the first 30 days of your journey towards becoming a professional backend software engineer.

While comprehensive, it is up to you to judge and discover this guide’s value as it fits in your personal career journey.

What can you expect having completed the guide?

Get a job? Make a million bucks?

Set your salary expectations by referencing real compensation data (in descending order of accuracy):

Chapter format

Each section of this guide has a few parts:

1. What you should study

The details and external resources needed to learn the given topic

2. “Why this?”

Why it is worth learning about this section’s topic

3. “Outcomes of this studying”

A list of concepts you can use as a checklist to appraise whether you understand the concepts and vocabulary of this section’s topic.

4. “Extra credit reading”

Optional reading, for the curious. I highly recommend making a best effort to read these materials, even if it doesn’t all make sense to you.